Help us get more girls into coding!

We want to help make the tech sector more inclusive and as diverse as the world we live in. By supporting girls in Dojos we are helping empower girls to be tech creators. We believe all girls deserve to have to space and support to enable them the same opportunities as boys in our increasingly technological world.


In order to boost the amount of girls getting into coding, CoderDojo WA is participating in the international CoderDojo Foundation’s Girls Initiative.

We are supporting the CoderDojo Foundation’s three main activities: Role Model Series, Content Creation and Research. We encourage all Western Australian Dojos to get involved by nominating female role models at your Dojo, creating content, and contacting the CoderDojo Foundation with your ideas. Read more and get in touch here.

Our recommendations

Based on our research and visits to Girls Only Dojos, we can offer the following advice to all Dojos on supporting girls within your clubs:

  • Ensure that women are represented amongst your Dojo Champions and/or Mentors. Remember that Champions and Mentors do not need to know how to code to get involved. Non-technical women (and men) can join the Dojo and learn how to code alongside Ninjas. By role-modelling confidence and self-directed learning behaviour, you can help girls in your Dojo develop their growth-mindset and belief that girls have a place in the world of coding and computer science.
  • We recommend that female participants and mothers supporting female Ninjas do not talk down their own technical, mathematical or scientific abilities in the Dojo or at home. Replace: “I’m not good at maths,” with “I’m not sure, but we can learn together!”.
  • Remember to get to know each Ninja on an individual level. When helping them start a project, don’t make assumptions on what they might be interested in based on their gender. Some girls like to use code to make art and tell stories, but some might also like to build robots and rockets. We recommend theming all your Dojo activities as gender neutral so as not to suggest or reinforce any particular stereotype around girls or boys interests.

If you would like to learn more about supporting girls at your Dojo, we invite you to attend a Champion / Mentor training session which covers this topic. Any available training sessions can be viewed and booked here.

Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.