A special message to the CoderDojo WA community from Karen Wellington

As of January 2019, I will no longer be managing the CoderDojo WA program. This year, I will be providing some support to the Fogarty Foundation’s EDfutures program and also doing some independent contract work in the field of social innovation.

Right back in May 2014, I stepped into the intriguing and life-changing opportunity of managing the CoderDojo WA program at the Fogarty Foundation. From the moment I first met the Champions and Mentors at WA’s first Dojo at UWA, I felt that CoderDojo people were my kind of people. Smart, generous, and unique – each in your own individual way. Though CoderDojo WA people vary widely in age and background – you all have that same spark. A spark that makes your passion for technology infectious amongst the Ninjas that you help, and have helped. A spark that makes you a joy to be around, and that makes all the difference for your Dojos.

It has been inspiring and humbling to see our Dojo community grow right up to a peak of about 132 Dojos (it’s now at about 127, and rising again!). We have a bigger CoderDojo network here in our state, than anywhere else in Australia. We are the biggest regional group outside of CoderDojo’s home-base in Ireland! 

You have all collectively spent thousands of hours preparing, running Dojo sessions, researching and enabling new opportunities for your Ninjas. How many lives have you each changed by being that person who showed up for your Ninjas and helped them with something new? Dojos provide something that Ninjas don’t get anywhere else, and that’s all been because of the time, care and effort you put in. It means a lot.

It has been a huge honour to have supported our State community for the past 4 years. My only regret was that I did not have more time for you each individually! 

At the Fogarty Foundation we are more than thrilled to have the wonderful Jess Silva on board as the new EDfutures / CoderDojo WA Program Manager, who will be looking after our community going forward. Jess comes from Scitech and has an amazing skill-set that’s going to boost our collective effort going forward.

I will continue to support you all in spirit, and look forward to hearing about your journeys and successes in future.

Warmest wishes, Karen Wellington


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