Happy 6th Birthday Raspberry Pi!

Today we can watch some awesome videos on youtube that explore what a Raspberry Pi is, and how it can be used by kids (with a little help from adults), to create some fun projects and learn about computing.

What is a Raspberry Pi?(1:44)

Happy 6th Birthday Message from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (2:20)

Raspberry Pi Printer of Knowledge – Alex Strandberg (3:34)

Raspberry Pi School Project (2:27)

Interactive Bee Model – Created by kids using the Raspberry Pi (4:06)

Raspberry Pi Primary school children get coding (2:39)

Scratch on a Raspberry Pi – My First Program: Dance Party (2:53)

Raspberry Pi 3 Amazon Echo – The Alexa Kids Build! (11:44)

The Raspberry Pi and it’s importance in learning computer science (4:31)



Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.