CoderDojo WA Training

CoderDojo WA Combined Mentor and Champion Training
Due to popular demand we have organised several Combined Mentor and Champion Training Sessions during the day in school holiday breaks to make it easier for teachers as well as other professionals to attend. Sessions will run in April, July and October. All these sessions are free and all are welcome. Book here.

CoderDojo WA Community Catalyst Training
Would you like to step up to the next level and become a CoderDojo catalyst in your area? Come and learn about the methods used by the Fogarty Foundation to catalyse and support the CoderDojo WA community. These sessions will be on the same days as the Combined Mentor and Training Sessions, so you can attend both. All welcome. Find our more and book here.

Announcing DojoCon WA 2017!

We are excited to announce that Murdoch University will be hosting Western Australia’s first ever DojoCon, DojoCon WA 2017, in Perth, on Monday 25th September 2017!

What is a DojoCon?

A DojoCon is a community-led event where members of the CoderDojo community get together, share ideas, showcase projects from their Dojos, and generally celebrate all things CoderDojo!

Here is a great video from CoderDojo Japan that shows their great DojoCon event which provides us with some inspiration for what our community could create for DojoCon WA 2017.

Murdoch University = Hosts of DojoCon 2017!

This year Murdoch University self-nominated to be the hosts of the DojoCon. Well done to Murdoch for taking the initiative.

Help needed from the community

Whilst Murdoch will be managing all things about the venue, there is a need for community members to come together to organise other aspects of the DojoCon such as stall bookings, scheduling of talks, sponsorships, fun activities for Ninjas etc.

Do you experience and skills in any of the following areas, and can contribute an hour or two each week leading up til Monday 25th September?

Skills required for the DojoCon planning team

We are looking for people with the following skills: Project Management, Event Management, Conference Management, Conference Logistics, Community Engagement, Stakeholder Management, Sponsorships, Marketing and Communication, Graphic Design, CoderDojo knowledge, CoderDojo experience.

How will we work?

We will hold the majority of our meetings online (either in a Slack chat or using Skype), and will used cloud-based tools such as Asana and Google Drive. So if you don’t live in Perth you can still help with this event. We will also have a few meetings in person depending on who is taking part.

We are looking for individuals to contribute as volunteers and organisations who can offer something special for the event on a pro-bono basis.

Want to be part of the organising team?

We will start by gathering in a chat channel on CoderDojo Slack, on Monday 27th March from 8pm-9pm. Here are the instructions to get started:

1.Join up to the CoderDojo Slack here:

2.Join the #australia channel.

3.Post in that channel saying that you have arrived for the DojoCon meeting and you will be added to the #dojocon-wa-team channel.

Want your organisation to be involved?

Email letting us know how you might be able to get contribute.


Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.