CoderDojo WA showcase for Australia Day Celebrations

CoderDojo WA is excited to present this short showcase about our community for the Australia Day Celebrations at the Australian Embassy in Dublin.

Who are we?

CoderDojo WA is the Western Australian network of the global open source social education movement, CoderDojo.

CoderDojo WA was initiated by Brett and Annie of the Fogarty Foundation in 2013.

About the Fogarty Foundation

 The CoderDojo WA story


 CoderDojo WA / Fogarty Foundation staff


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As staff of the Fogarty Foundation, we provide support to the CoderDojo WA community to help it grow and thrive. From left:

Robyn King, Executive Officer, Fogarty Foundation
Since 2015, Robyn has provided strategic leadership to the Fogarty Foundation and its three major programs (including CoderDojo WA). Robyn builds, leads and supports strategic partnerships to help the CoderDojo WA network grow and thrive. Random factoid: Robyn is keen painter of things.

Karen Wellington, CoderDojo WA Program Manager
Karen has been working for the Fogarty Foundation since 2014 to build and support the network of Champions, Mentors, Ninjas and parents in WA. Karen has been instrumental in developing and leading our unique community development approach to empower new leaders and enable community contributions to the CoderDojo network. Unusual factoid: Karen likes pebble stacks.

Rebecca Loftus, EDfutures Coordinator
Rebecca joined the Fogarty Foundation in 2016. As well as providing support and training to Dojos in the Perth metro area, Rebecca is the regional Dojo coordinator and travels to regional and remote locations to support the establishment of Dojos in these communities. Unusual factoid: Rebecca particularly appreciates lead nitrate and potassium iodide precipitation reactions.

Janelle Dixon, CoderDojo WA Support
Janelle joined the Fogarty Foundation in 2016. Janelle has been a Champion at the University of Western Australia’s Dojo since 2014. She now supports the WA community to create, find and attend Dojos in WA and provides advice and support on how to run a successful Dojo. Unusual factoid: Janelle enjoys playing Senet (an Ancient Egyptian board game).

A few cool projects made by Western Australian Ninjas

Here are some unique and creative digital projects made by Ninjas in Western Australia.

1.The Stone Of Cronomone by Zak Flynn. A trippy animation (~2 minutes).

View it at

2. Computer Simulator by Ariel Carter.

View it at

2. Le Mall by Gemma Lock

View it at

4. Hologram Projector by Abiram Kalaiarasan



5. Different Types of Computing – A Website by Aiden Gavin Street


6. Rock, Paper, Scissors by Jasmine Quin-Conroy

View it at

Thank you for viewing. Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to everyone at the Australian Embassy.

From all of the CoderDojo WA community, Western Australia.


Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.