Has your Dojo celebrated Badge-tober? CoderDojo have created official CoderDojo Digital badges for the global community.

“There are a lot of CoderDojo Ninjas learning new skills at their local Dojos and creating awesome projects as a result. We believe that this creativity should be rewarded! That’s why we created official CoderDojo Digital badges for the community using Mozilla’s open source badging platform.
Within the CoderDojo Community digital badges are a way to acknowledge digital and soft skills achieved by both youth and adult attendees at Dojos. They are an online representation of skills that the community have earned. These badges are the CoderDojo communities version of scout badges, digitalised!”

They’re a fantastic way to verify the skills, interests and achievements at your Dojo. Speak to your Champion about Badge-tober today!

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Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.