Why I Love To Code

Introducing Maddie


My dreams of becoming a programmer began in early primary school, but back then it was fueled by the tech-savvy entrepreneur or “hacker” often portrayed in movies like The Italian Job and The Matrix. That looked pretty damn cool to me!
These days I don’t do any “hacking”, but coding is definitely as fun as it looks in the movies.
But I didn’t always take to programming like I do today. In high school I was told early on that without a keen mathematical ability I would never be able to code. So, hopes dashed with an abysmal score on my Year 10 math exam, I went to TAFE to study business administration. But I wasn’t a very good business administration student… I was only interested in what the guys were learning in the section adjacent to us. Finally my teacher asked me, “What are you doing in business? Why aren’t you over there with the programming students?” Good question, I thought. I switched courses that week and went on to complete the Certificate IV in Programming.
Fast forward to today, I now study a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Games Technology and Mathematics and Statistics.
Learning to code gave me a new perspective on problems I had previously found difficult; combined with a new approach for solving them. I learnt about algorithms and control structures and how they can be used to produce solutions. In short, I love programming and coding because it taught me something I didn’t know about myself: I’m good at math, I’m good at solving problems; and best of all, I love both of those things.

Maddie is a Mentor at Murdoch University’s girls only Dojo #CodeLikeAGirl

Why I love to code.

AlexIntroducing Anna

I didn’t always know I would love coding; I used to be intimidated by code. I didn’t know what programming was about and it looked too complicated to understand.

Coding is all about problem solving and bringing ideas and concepts to life! I love to code because you can create anything you can imagine. I love the challenge of figuring out how to solve a puzzle or problem using the knowledge and skills that I have. It’s also really fun to create something that solves real world problems or that other people can use.

I love to code because it can make you feel like a secret agent one day and an artist the next.

I am so happy that I get to work in such a creative industry where the possibilities are always growing.

Anna is a Mentor at Murdoch University’s girls only Dojo #CodeLikeAGirl


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