Mentor at a Dojo


We would like to call on all Dojos that are looking for mentors to flick us a quick email:, letting us know if you are looking for mentors and if you would like us to add your call for mentors to our website. Please include the times that your Dojo runs, and contact details of the Champion… a picture/school/business logo would be nice too if possible 🙂

Learn to code

If you have spaces available at your Dojo, even if spaces are limited to students who attend your school, please let us know. We will post this to our website.

Tell us who you are

We would love to hear more from the community: who you are, where you are, and what you have been doing in the coding space. If your Ninjas create awesome projects, or if your Champions and Mentors are involved in any side projects, we want to know. You might also like to nominate an awesome Ninja, Champion and/or Mentor in the community, for us to run a profile piece on. Your stories are important to us 🙂

Send us an email at


Projects by young people

Browse the selection of code-related projects made by young people learning and working together at our Dojos.